About the Inventor
Alex Bellehumeur

Capitalizing on the grassroots phenomenon of inline hockey in the early 1990s, Alex Bellehumeur identified the need to develop a puck to move easily and quickly on a surface to better simulate the movement of an ice hockey puck. In addition, its design had to allow for flexibility and resilience and most importantly ensure a level of control for the players in order to make the game faster and more enjoyable, and thus the SpeedPuck™ was born.

History was made on July 2, 1993, when the JOFA Speed Puck, now distributed by The Hockey Company, a division of Reebok International Ltd, was dropped for the first time before 13,000 fans at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in the inaugural game of Roller Hockey International. This first professional roller hockey league, which was co-founded by Bellehumeur, combined with what became the grandfather of all in-line hockey pucks, revolutionized the sport forever.

The puck, which is distinguished by the “runners” attached to the surface, are one of the main features that makes it fast enough to sustain a high-level of intense play for both the professional and the amateur with the ability to reach speeds in excess of 100 m.p.h.

Bellehumeur is also the co-founder of SpeedHockey,™ a new professional hockey league, that is in a pre-development stage. SpeedHockey™ is hockey on Fast Forward. Designed for television viewing, SpeedHockey,™ is more exciting for the players, fans and spectators with a reduced-size rink that has a unique configuration and new rules to ensure the action is continuous and always front and center. More information can be found at www.speedhockey.com

A successful business executive and civic leader, Bellehumeur is a past president of the Port of Long Beach, which at the time, was the largest volume port in North America and was a governor's appointment to the World Trade Commission. Most importantly, he has a passion for solving product related challenges and currently holds 12 patents with three more pending. Having never played hockey or been on inline skates is what makes his invention of the SpeedPuck,™ that transformed the sport worldwide, and now the 4Wheeler that much more remarkable.